Baseball Player of the Year

Criteria for the Baseball Player of the Year

  • A current registered player with a minimum of three years playing experience with St Pats Baseball Club.

  • Normally, but not necessarily, a player from the most senior junior team.

  • A player who has displayed all the skills of baseball at a high level.

  • A player who may have assisted in other aspects associated with the Club eg. coaching, umpiring, etc.


  • Nominations are to be provided by the coaches and/or managers. Wherever possible, the player’s fielding and batting statistics should be provided with the nomination.

  • Nominations from people other than coaches and/or managers will be accepted and considered by the St Pats Baseball Club Executive on their merit.

Selection Process

  • The Baseballer of the Year is to be determined by the St Pats Baseball Club Executive - Patrons, President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • The Baseballer of the Year Award may not be awarded in any year where the above criteria are not seen to be satisfied.

Presentation of the Award

  • The recipient of the Baseball Player of the Year Award will be announced and the award presented at the Club’s Presentation Day.

Recipients of this prestigious award comprise

      2019-2020 Chaise Chabi
      2018-2019 Ethan Henniker
      2017-2018 Koby Roberts
      2016-2017 Patrick Judge
      2015-2016 Denver Gannon
      2014-2015 Lachlan Torr
      2013-2014 D'Arcy Handley
      2012-2013 Ben Hunt
      2011-2012 Ben Hunt & Bradley Simon (jointly)
      2010-2011 Blake Boehm
      2009-2010 Mitchell Simon
      2008-2009 Zac Sochacki
      2007-2008 Liam O'Dowd
      2006-2007 Brock Dodd
      2005-2006 Matthew Dodd
      2004-2005 David Cliff
      2003-2004 Lachlan Hodge
      2002-2003 Dale Lincoln
      2001-2002 Liam Hodge
      2000-2001 Adam Cassidy
      1999-2000 Gary Potter
      1998-1999 No award presented
      1997-1998 Justin Fletcher
      1996-1997 Michael Ibbotson
      1995-1996 Daniel Salabay
      1994-1995 Kelly Gunn
      1993-1994 Michael Faber
      1992-1993 No award presented
      1991-1992 No award presented
      1990-1991 No award presented
      1989-1990 Matthew Poole
      1988-1989 Timothy Poole
      1987-1988 Alex Koller
      1986-1987 Stewart Smith
      1985-1986 G Dunn
      1984-1985 Sean Daley
      1983-1984 S Brennan
      1982-1983 P Fabian
      1981-1982 Stuart Martin

Ethan Henniker
St Pats Baseball Club 2018-2019 Baseball Player of the Year

Koby Roberts
St Pats Baseball Club 2017-2018 Baseball Player of the Year

Patrick Judge
St Pats Baseball Club 2016-2017 Baseball Player of the Year

Denver Gannon
St Pats Baseball Club 2015-2016 Baseball Player of the Year

Lachlan Torr
St Pats Baseball Club 2014-2015 Baseball Player of the Year