Player Registrations

Online Registrations


REGISTER NOW FOR A GUARANTEED SPOT. Although we will take late registrations, we cannot guarantee a spot on a St Pats team. 

ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS: This year, the system allows for Active Kids Vouchers to be processed at the time of sign up.  **However, If you have multiple children with Active Kids Vouchers, please register them in separate transactions.  The system will only allow 1 Active kids voucher per transaction. If you have issues claiming the Active Kids Voucher online, please email the voucher details to  with your bank account details.  Reimbursement will be made to your bank account once it is claimed manually. 

EMERALDS LADIES' SOFTBALL: Do not use the online registration system. It's for Baseball NSW registrations only. Please contact Danielle Tiller ( or 0407 887 022) to register.



  1. Make sure you're using Google Chrome, or Firefox web browser, and click this link.

  2. Select a membership based on your child’s DOB (Please take note of the League Age category), then click Register.

  3. Create Account or Log in using the email address used for registration last year.  If you get an error message to say your account is not activated and you cannot find an activation email, send an email query to, they can activate your account.

  4. Select the quantity for each membership (League Age) that you would like to purchase. 

  5. Review or Enter personal data, click Register button

  6. Review payment summary.  Enter your Active Kids details precisely as directed on the screen.   Then enter credit card details.

  7. If you have a second registration with an Active Kids Voucher, repeat steps 1-5 for the second registration.