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5th Grade Senior Minor Premiers and Premiers - Winter Competition 2019


Congratulations to our 5th grade senior team who won their grand final match over East Hills on 17 August 2019.

The final score: 7 - 4

Opposition: East Hills
Grand Final MVP: Andy Powell
Grand Final Scorer: Brenda Connors
Grand Final Base coaches: Peter Faber and Matt Poole

Team Members

Jesse Charles
Craig Connors
Ivan Connors
Adam Faber
Chris Faber (manager / coach)
Brett Handley *
Ethan Henniker *
Justin Hughes
Wade Huthnance
Trent Jamieson *
Daniel Poole
Andy Powell
Cameron Powell
David Powell *
Michael Powell

* absent from photo

2019 Winter 5th Grade Premiers


The Game 

Minor premiers and now premiers – it was a good season.

I felt very confident as game time approached. In our last encounter with East Hills (aka The Buccaneers) we had a plunderous 22 to 8 win. Our only other encounter was back in the second round when we went down by only one run (8 to 9). That was really before we hit our stride from around round 6 when we turned the tables on Juniors. Since that time we were undefeated and only scored in single digits on one occasion.

0 0 after one innings and 6 up and 6 down was a little undermining. A great play for each team sucked some energy from the teams. Their second innings had one pitch more than their first but they managed to score 2 runs with a HPB and 2 singles. They then lost some momentum with a “squibber” up the first base line that spent much of the time in foul territory when who knows what happened and the ball returned to the fair side of the line (to the anguish of the batter and the delight of everyone wearing green).

They managed to keep us scoreless in the bottom of the second. We did put bat on ball and chewed up a good number of pitches.

Justin had given us exactly the start we needed and hoped for – once through their lineup with only 2 runs conceded. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t have the lead already. We had only remained scoreless over 2 consecutive innings twice over the course of the season – way back before round 6. We knew they were an aggressive hitting team. It was time to challenge them with some aggressive pitching. Andy struck out 3 using 13 pitches. There was only one foul and 2 balls. Everything else was a called strike or a swing and miss (6 of these). It was time to wake up our bats.

A walk, stolen base and a single to drive in our first run and we were away. A pair of walks and a pair of singles helped us to another pair of runs. We had the lead. It might have been more like carnage if two of the batted balls had found grass in the outfield rather than gloves in the infield. But it didn’t matter. We had the lead.

They managed a pair of hits to drive in a run in the top of the fourth to share the lead. Some good outfield defence ensured they did not manage more.

Bottom four was brutally short. Our second 3 up 3 down in the game. This has not been our way all season. But they matched us in the top of five – 3 up 3 down. Scores still tied.

In bottom five we strung 3 hits together to score another run and go tantalisingly close to some more. It was now 4 to 3. We had regained the lead.

Top six saw their best hit of the day, which induced an injury to Craig’s hamstring while giving chase. It forced him out of the game, which was just as disappointing as allowing them to score a run and bring the scores even at 4. We closed their innings with a pop up to second (Mike reckons he heard the crowd draw its collective breath when the ball went up) and a strikeout.

It was time for the good guys to re-establish the dominance on show for much of the season. Jesse lead us off with a sharp single to centre field. A stolen base and a walk followed. First & second occupied none down. Matt in the driver’s seat at third base correctly decided we needed a run and we should make a bold move. He called for a bunt. It turned out it was not a good pitch to bunt. Somehow Adam managed to get bat on ball and get ball to ground. In fact, he managed to get third base to field it leaving the way to advance the 2 runners and in the process he wound up safely at first. A fielder’s choice cost us an out but scored a run and advanced a runner to third. Our next batter, Wade, induced a wild throw to reach and drove in 2 runs. I’m not really sure how he managed it. This meant we had scored 3 runs. The innings closed soon after that but we had a 7 to 4 lead. We needed 3 outs before they scored 3 runs to seal the game.

Andy struck out one in between inducing 2 weak ground balls to second, where Mike accepted them and completed the outs with throws to Wade at first. They went 3 up 3 down for the fourth time in the game.

This, other than the result, was not the way I expected the game to go. Perhaps over confidently, I expected a win with a differential making a mercy rule a possibility. Instead both teams put on season best performances with only one error recorded against each team, neither producing an unearned run.

According to the result sheet, the game finished in 1hr 56mins. That’s very unusual for a seven innings game in fifth grade. It was a credit to both teams.

Congratulations must go to East Hills for their season and their performance in the grand final. They finished the regular season in fourth spot and needed to defeat Comets (Royal) & Scots to reach the grand final. They played in a good spirit and responded well to the challenge.

I thought the umpires turned in a great performance. There was the occasional call that could be debated but all such calls were marginal and none had any significant impact on the game.

Speaking of umpires, they declared Andy the MVP quoting both his batting (3 out of 10 St Pats hits, 2 RBIs and some stolen bases) in addition to his pitching (72 pitches over 5 innings with 8 strike outs and only 2 earned runs). I don’t think anyone who saw the game would disagree with this judgement call.

Thanks to Pete and Matt for coaching at first and third respectively. It was good to know we were in good hands and those of us in the dugout could concentrate on our own performances.

Thanks too to Brenda for bringing her pencils out of retirement for this game. There’s nothing more valuable than a well tended score book for this detail obsessed team – OK more me than most of the rest of you, but it’s still important.

It was great to see such a good sized gallery encouraging us to achieve the best result. It is always more fun to play when there are spectators.

4th Grade Senior Premiers - Summer Competition 2017/18

Congratulations to our 4th grade senior team who won their grand final match over Bonnet Bay on 11 March 2018.

The final score 32-2

Wade Huthnance was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Alex Poole, our scorer
for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Lewis Bone
Joel Curtis
Tanner Curtis
Munkhbolt Dashzeveg
Andrew Ereckson
Adam Faber
Chris Faber
Brett Handley
Rod Higgins
Wade Huthnance (MVP)
Daniel Poole
Matthew Poole (Coach and Manager)
Javkhlan Tsogttsembel
Braydon Wall
Tyron Wall


4th Grade Senior Minor Premiers and Premiers - Winter Competition 2017

Congratulations to our 4th grade senior team who won their grand final match over Canterbury on 20 August 2017.

The final score 12-2

Joshua Walker was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Zita Percival and Veronica Henniker, our scorers for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Ivan Brown
Craig Connors
Cameron Eades
Ethan Henniker
Greg McGuire
Scott Minehan
James Percival
Stuart Perry
Jarrod Psaras
Stuart Psaras
Jamie Roberts (Coach and Manager)
Joel Roberts
Koby Roberts
Joshua Walker (MVP)



4th Grade Senior Premiers and Minor Premiers - Summer Competition 2015/16

Congratulations to our 4th grade senior team who won their grand final match over the Bonnet Bay Beavers on 20 March 2016

The final score 8-7

Andrew Powell was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Heide Torr, our rookie team scorer for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Paul Bellamy
Peter Bryant
Mitchell Cole
Chris Faber
Brad Grief
Michael Hansen
Bernice Lethlean
Steve Lethlean (Coach and Manager)
Evan Miles

Andrew Powell (MVP)
Michael Powell
Lachlan Torr


The Game

Commentary by Steve Lethlean

Minor Premiers. Lost two games all season. The first game of the season in 5th Div. against Scots who were also promoted to 4th Div. (They ran last and went 2-8 in Div. 4 - go figure!) The second game we lost was close to season end against Sharks when we only had 8 players. This loss simply keyed us up for the finals! Revenge wasn’t long coming with a relatively easy win in the 2nd Semi Final.

A constant question I’d been asked all season was - “how come you guys were in 5th Grade?” Well, simple really, in our team we had - 1 player straight out of Juniors (but very talented), 1 player who had never played before (excluding T Ball in Primary School), 2 players who had played one season with no junior experience, 2 more who had not played since juniors (one for nearly 10 years), another who was a walking medical marvel (sorry Paul), and some “experienced” players who were sort of in the right grade. And we managed to sign up a fill in player who’d only play when we were short. How did we know how we would go? After losing 1st round it looked like we might be in the right grade - NOT! We simply improved week after week, got to know each other and gelled into a tight outfit who backed each other up week on week. One of my toughest tasks was to get the team to shut up in the dugout and concentrate on the Game!!

We’d only played Bonnet Bay once all year due to the vagaries of the weather, the draw and being bumped up a Division, but expected a tough game. That team has a bit of a history, has a wily pitcher to challenge us and had dealt with Sharks pretty easily in the Final.

So the scene was set and it was game on. Box Score from the game:










Bonnet Bay









St Pats









When we had broken away to an 8-3 lead it was fairly comfortable and I think we might have relaxed a bit. A mistake, as Bonnet Bay came back at us and we struggled a bit with the bat. Andy Powell had done a great job with the ball for 5 1/3rd innings and 86 pitches so it was time for a change. We went to our pitching depth in the “Ice-Man” Mick Hansen. 25 pitches later, we didn’t have to bat again and the 4th Division Premiership was ours! The runs we scored early were pivotal in our win, but again our fielding was a highlight. Outfield catching was superb over the two finals games and infield was solid as a rock. Over 14 innings, we made 4 errors which, given the state of the grounds we played on and the fact that were playing 4th Grade, was a terrific effort. Another feature worth noting was only 5 passed balls from our catchers in 14 innings - superb effort from Chris and Bernie.

Team List (in Grand Final order):





Evan Miles



Two runs in 1st 2 innings set us up.

Chris Faber



A rock as catcher and some good plays on 1st.

Brad Grief



RBI triple in 1st got us going, ball magnet at 2nd.

Andy Powell



Super pitching over two finals game - not bad for a fill in!

Mitch Cole



1st year player at SS, zero errors, 3 from 4 batting!!

Mike Powell



Sensational scoop and throw at 3rd at top of last - crunch play!

Lachlan Torr



Outfield catching and fielding absolutely super.

Bernice Lethlean



Caught 8 innings over two games and made pitchers look great.

Mick Hansen



Sensational bats at 9 and brilliant closing pitcher in GF. Catch of season in 2nd Semi against Sharks.


Steve Lethlean


(AKA working on ulcer) GP has diagnosed no permanent damage!

Paul Bellamy

Not available

Performed for us all season, work got in way for GF.

Peter Bryant

Not available

Too much family and social life in finals, but there when we needed him during the season!

5th Grade Senior Premiers - Summer Competition 2014/15

Congratulations to our 5th grade senior team who won their grand final match over the Cougars on 15 March 2015.

The final score 11-10

A team member from the opponent side was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Eliza Monaghan, our team scorer for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Reece Carter
Tom Cole
Ben Ghislain
Andrew Harding
Bryce Hopkins
Luke Hopkins
Andrew Lee
Mitchell Moore
Liam O’Dowd
Leigh Smith



The Game

Commentary - a group effort by the members of this vallant team

What a game!

As the sun rose on a glorious Sunday morning, the cauliflowers woke up to somewhat of an enormous hangover … but hey, that was nothing new, it’s when the cauliflowers play their best Baseball!

So we all jumped in a mini bus and arrived out at a little place called Kelso. Like every other game during the season, we decided not to warm up. Not that we didn’t have time for it, we just didn’t want to ruin our regular routine.

We were up against a red hot Cougars team who were favourites all year, and rightly so, they had some quality players compared to our team who are just a bunch of mates with six new to the game.

Despite the nerves, we secured a nice 4-0 early lead, with our best batting and fielding performance all year. However, the Cougars clawed their way back midway through the match and eventually took a significant lead - we went into the 7th and final dig down 10-6 and for most, they probably thought it was game over.

But something was brewing, and from out of nowhere, there was one big almighty rally. Our designated hitter Andrew Lee led us off brilliantly and got us on a roll with a few RBIs to follow from some of the fellas. At 10-8, Reece Carter stepped up to the plate and smacked a home run over the fence against the wind to tie the game at 10-10. With the help of Liam O’Dowd and his bung shoulder (reconstruction) he played through the pain and gave up his obvious bunting technique to take one for the team and actually swing at the ball. We nudged in front 11-10 going into the bottom of the seventh and wasn’t the crowd pumped!

The momentum was now really egging the boys’ home. Like a wet sail, we rallied again. Our closing pitcher Mitchell Moore couldn’t have thrown a better stint. He struck the first two batters out and then Carter took the winning catch deep in the outfield with an absolute pearler and the boys carried on a treat with a full blown stacks on!

A true fairy tale finish for a bunch of best mates that you seriously can only dream of - some of us have been in a few different grand finals before, but this one was easily the best we’ve ever been a part of!

But hey, don't take our word for it. The umpire even called it the ‘Game of the Century".

We’d like to thank Ivan Connors for his help all season. As always, he was a great support and helped us out with anything we needed. A true champion and person who dedicates so much time to the St Pats Baseball Club!

7th Grade Senior Premiers and Minor Premiers - Summer Competition 2014/15


Congratulations to our 7th grade senior team who won their grand final match over the Cougars on 15 March 2015.

The final score 14-13

Tyron Wall was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Lisa Brown, our team scorer for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Timmy Anders
Daniel Beilharz (absent)
Mitchell Foster
Matthew Knight (absent)
Blake Magnus
Matthew O'Dell
Conor Riordan
Harrison Riordan
Andrew Thompson
Peter Thompson
William Thompson
Tyron Wall (MVP)


The Game

Commentary by Tom Riordan

With the score tied at 13, Blake Magnus came to the plate and singled, plating Tyron Wall.

Magnus racked up three RBIs on four hits for St. Pats.

Offense was not hard to come by on Sunday, as both teams combined for 27 runs and 31 hits, including four extra base hits.

St. Pats easily handled Cougars pitching as six hitters combined for 14 hits, 10 RBIs and 13 runs scored.

The top of the first saw Cougars take an early lead, 8-0. Claire Franklin singled to ignite Cougars' offense. Mathew Biber singled, bringing home Michael Crimlisk. Cougars added more runs when Franklin scored on a walk by Scott Bushnell, Hayward, Biber and Bushnell scored on a three-run double by Mark Corey, Corey and Christie scored on a two-run single by Michael Crimlisk, and Foldi scored.

St. Pats scored three runs in the first inning, and then followed it up with three more in the sixth. In the first, St. Pats scored on an RBI single by Matt O'Dell, scoring Andrew Thompson.

St. Pats brought home two runs in the second inning, and matched that run total in the fourth. In the second, St. Pats scored, bringing home Wall.

St. Pats scored four runs of its own in the third. St. Pats scored on an RBI triple by Mitch Foster, an RBI single by Conor Riordan, an RBI single by Wall, and an RBI double by Magnus.

St. Pats didn't give up the lead after the sixth inning. Additional runs came from two singles.

Unusually supports were cheering on a Hit by Pitch, as one of their own Will Thompson finally took one for the team.

5th Grade Senior Premiers - Winter Competition 2014


Congratulations to our 5th grade senior team who won their grand final match over the Yarrawarrah Tigers on 30 August 2014.

The final score 18-16

Jason Mogensen was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Matt Ray, our team scorer for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Michael Carney
Jason Charles
Craig Connors
Craig Danaher
Brett Handley (Manager)
D'Arcy Handley
Greg Leslie
Joel Leslie
Jason Mogensen (MVP)
Matthew Poole
Michael Ray
Jamie Roche
Ashley Schultz
Kyle Sier



7th Grade (Green) Senior Premiers - Winter Competition 2012

Congratulations to our 7th grade Green senior team who won their grand final match over St George Leagues on 26 August 2012.

The final score 20-19

Andrew Powell was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Sandy Carney, our team scorer for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Ivan Connors (holding the plaque)
Adam Faber
Chris Faber
Peter Faber
Steve Lethlean
Andrew Powell (MVP)
Cameron Powell
Dave Powell
Mike Powell
Adam Wilcock
Ben Wilcock
Ross Wilcock


The Game

Commentary by Steve Lethlean

  1. Middle of the 1st score 0 – 8 = We were entitled to be a bit down, not only did they score 8 runs but they took out our starting pitcher & our reliever threw something like 30 pitches to get them out.
  2. Bottom of the 1st – Score = 2 – 8, But we were in a position to score a few more & we didn’t, they are entitled to feel on top of the world.
  3. Middle of the 3rd – Score = 3 – 15 and they’ve chewed up our 1st relief pitcher. At this stage, I’m pretty sure that they were thinking 5 innings & Mercy Rule. I know that I certainly was contemplating the possibility. I was also thinking where to go with Plan’s C & D as Plan’s A & B have just gone by the wayside.
  4. We do a terrific job in putting on a 10 run innings, putting away their lead-off pitcher (who had thrown 5 against us in home & away and 7 against the Blacks last week) & at last making a game of it, 13 – 15 had us in with a fighting chance.
  5. Top of the 4th, they score another 4 runs & pull away to a 6 run lead & the possibility of that Mercy Rule coming into effect raises its ugly head again. They’ve just put 19 runs on us in 4 innings; no-one all season has done that!
  6. Bottom of the 4th, we really need to score about 4 or so to stay in the game – with 2 runs scored & 2 runners on it looks good, but then bang – bang 3 out & we’re still staring down the barrel!
  7. At this stage the old saying kicks into action – you know the one – “When the going gets tough the tough get going”!
  8. Andy dishes up a pearler of an innings, we hit the ball again to score 4 and tie up the game.
  9. Andy repeats the dose in Innings 6 & 7, we score 1 in the bottom of the 6th (again it could/should have been more – Why oh why does the ball hit in the vicinity of the least mobile player on the field go straight down his throat – he didn’t need to move more than 2 or 3 steps!!!!) and that 1 is enough for the win. We’ve come from being 0 - 8 & 3 – 15 down to pull out a fantastic win.

8th Grade Senior Premiers - Winter Competition 2010

Congratulations to our 8th grade senior team who won their grand final match over Bonnet Bay on 21 August 2010.

The final score 32-15

Joel Leslie was named MVP in the Grand Final match.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Sienna Burton
Jason Charles
Natasha Cuddy
Brett Handley (Captain)
Graham Judge
Jessica Judge
Greg Leslie (Coach)
Joel Leslie (MVP)
Paul O'Dell
Scott O'Dell
Andrew Pankhurst
Jordan Poole
Mark Poole
Jeffrey Torr


The Game

Our 8th grade team was born from new beginnings in 2010. Coming together for the first time, there was much excitment and anticipation particularly after their convincing pre-season game win. As the weeks passed by, the teamwork fell into place and improvements were seen right around the field. Towards the end of the season they were regular winners and the finals beckoned for them.

The team finished 2nd behind Bonnet Bay at the end of regular competition and ultimately played that team in the Grand Final.

Some great individual efforts throughout the season but the teamwork really delivered the Premiership in the end. The MVP award went to Joel Leslie for demonstrating great skill and playing consistency.

6th Grade Senior Premiers - Winter Competition 2009


Congratulations to our 6th grade senior team who won their grand final match over the Comets on 30 August 2009.

The final score 18-8

Karen McKerlie was named MVP in the Grand Final match.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Steve Brooks
Craig Connors
Anthony Holdstock
Peter Kingham
Greg McGuire
Karen McKerlie (MVP)
Scott Minehan (Coach)
Curt Pahl
Mitch Parry
James Percival
Jamie Roberts
Scott Robertson
Matt Turner



7th Grade Senior Premiers - Winter Competition 2009

Congratulations to our 7th grade senior team who won their grand final match over Bonnet Bay on 30 August 2009.

The final score 26-8

Jeff Cook was named MVP in the Grand Final match.
Special thanks to Sue Anderson, our team scorer for the season.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Bruce Anderson
Peter Bryant
Jeff Cook (MVP)
Cameron Foskett
Daniel Inglese
Frank Inglese
John Inglese
John P Inglese
Michael Inglese
Steve Lethlean
Attila Szalay
Paul Thompson

William Thompson
Gery Wise



4th Grade Senior Premiers - Winter Competition 2006

Congratulations to our 4th grade senior team who won their grand final match.

The final score Unknown

Nathan Manns was named MVP in the Grand Final match.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Ashley Beauman (Manager and holding the cup!)
Adam Camilleri
Bob Camilleri
Ian Collee
Craig Connors
Brock Dodd
Michael Faber
Liam Hodge
Nathan Manns (MVP)
Todd McLean
Gary Potter
Matthew Rodios




5th Grade Senior Premiers - Winter Competition 2005

Congratulations to our 5th grade senior team who won their grand final match over the Cronulla Sharks on 21 August 2005.

The final score 13-8

Adam Camilleri was named MVP in the Grand Final match.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Ashley Beauman (Manager)
Adam Camilleri (MVP)
Bob Camilleri
Ian Collee
Wayne Cooper
Michael Faber
Liam Hodge
Yoshitake Kita
Nathan Manns
Todd McLean
Gary Potter
John Rodios
Matthew Rodios
Grant Sellen




4th Grade Senior Premiers - Summer Competition 1993/94

Congratulations to our 4th grade senior team who won their grand final match over Arncliffe Scots in March 1994 at Phil Austin's grounds (in the pouring rain).

The final score Unknown (won by 1 run)

TBA was named MVP in the Grand Final match.

Team Members (Alphabetically)

Bradley Cafe
Matthew Cafe
Sean Cashman
Jason Choate
Darren Goldsby
Shannon McDougall
Daniel McLennan
Michael McLennan
Bradley Murray
Matthew Poole
Timothy Poole
Rene ?


Grant Poole (Coach)