'Ivan Connors' Black and Green Award

In its inaugural year of 2011, this award was created to recognise the Most Valuable Player (MVP) across all teams competing in the senior winter baseball competition. The award recipient remains secret until revealed at the annual St Pat's senior baseball presentation night.

Points are earned during each game of the regular season and tallied to determine the overall winner. The award is considered to be a prestigious accolade among St Pat's players and is worthy of the honour it carries.

In 2017, the title of this award was revised from the 'Black and Green Award' to the 'Ivan Connors Black and Green Award'.

Honour Roll

2017 Patrick Judge 2nd Grade
2016 Josh Walker 6th Grade
2015 Joel Roberts 6th Grade
2014 Craig Connors 6th Grade
2013 D’Arcy Handley 7th Grade (Black)
2012 Andrew Powell 7th Grade (Green)
2011 Adam Faber 7th Grade (Green)