Club Championship Award - CSMLBA

Cronulla Sutherland Minor League Baseball Association Club Inc (CSMLBA)

'Senior Summer Competition'

The Club Championship table will be calculated from each clubs overall winning percentage points from the preliminary rounds, after any initial re-grading.

The Club with the highest percentage at the completion of the preliminary rounds will be declared Cronulla Sutherland Minor League's 'Club Champions'.

To be eligible for participation in the CSMLBA Club Championship, a Club must have three (3) or more Teams.

The 'Club Champions' will be awarded a Championship Shield and a cash prize at the end of each season.

The St Pats Baseball Club first achieved this momentous and prestigious award in the 2014/2015 baseall season with teams registered in 4th, 5th and 7th divisions.

Honour Roll

Summer 2014/2015 St Pats Baseball Club