• Every position has an important role to play on the baseball diamond. Coaches should familiarise themselves with the positions and what is required of the player in those positions.
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Batting Fundamentals - Lets get some basics sorted

YouTube is an endless resource for tuitive videos and there are hundreds of videos covering every aspect of the game.

These YouTube batting instruction videos have been prepared by Suzy Willemssen (USA). Although based on softball, the principal technique remains the same for baseball, and she delivers a smooth, informative and commonsense approach with her instruction.


Batting Stance (4:57)



The Swing (6:38)


Here Ruben Corral demonstrates basic hitting mechanics for the baseball player.

The video displays the main points at each phase of the hitting process to reinforce the technique and correct action.



Baseball Pitching - The fast ball and change up



Gripping the ball (7:59)




This video clearly illustrates the main three grips available to a pitcher. They are:

  • Four Seam Fastball
  • Two Seam Fastball
  • Change Up

NOTE: Coaches must be mindfull that the CSJBA rules for young players up to and including the U14 age group must limit their pitching instructions to these grips only. The use of other pitching styles such as curve balls and sliders etc are not permitted because the mechanics of the pitch places undue stress on the young arm.


Ruben Corral demonstrates how to pitch a baseball in five basic steps by focussing on position and balance, through to delivery towards the home plate.

There are many YouTube videos covering pitching technique and some vary in their approach and complexity. This video by Ruben is relatively simple and should form a basic understanding of what is required by the young baseball pitcher.


Straight Leg Slide - Getting down and dirty

So you want to slide? These videos are presented to demonstrate the straight leg slide with a pop up. We pop up on the base so we can take off to the next base if a fielding error occurs. Check out other YouTube videos for ideas on the Hook and Head First Slides.

Kids getting the basics and having some fun (3:13)




How the Pro does it (1:13)