Club Life Members

Life Membership

Life membership is generally considered to be the highest honour an organisation can bestow upon a member, and being awarded Life Membership of St Pat's Baseball Club (St Pat's) is no different.

The award of Life Membership of St Pat's is in recognition of the exceptional contribution of an individual to our Club, and to the sport of baseball in general.

Accordingly, a Life Member will be a person who consistently has contributed to St Pat's over an extended period of time, and who has demonstrated a significant and sustained dedication and commitment towards the enhancement and reputation of St Pat's.


  • Nominations are invited from any member of St Pat's including team coaches, team managers, players, parents, supporters and any Committee Member.

  • Nominations for Life Membership should be submitted to the St Pat's Secretary up to one day prior to the Annual General Meeting of St Pat's.

  • All nominations will be considered and voted on by those present at the Annual General Meeting.

Award Criteria

In assessing any nomination for the award of Life Membership of St Pat's, the following points will be taken into consideration:

  • The nominee's length of service to St Pat's shall be of at least 8 years in either or both an on-field or off-field role, with such service in either role being taken concurrently.

  • The general attitude and overall demeanour of the nominee reflects sustained dedication and commitment towards the enhancement and reputation of St Pat's.

  • The nominee shall have demonstrated a commitment to the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship, as well as respect for game officials and opposition players.

  • The nominee shall have provided valued leadership and/or will have been an outstanding role model to its Club members in general.

  • The nominee's service must have reflected favourably on and brought credit to St Pat's.

Presentation of the Award

  • The recipient of Life Membership of St Pat's will be notified in writing by the Club Secretary. The award will be announced and presented to the recipient at the Club's Presentation Day.

[* The award will be a suitably engraved trophy. If the recipient wishes, a Club jacket may be embroidered appropriately at the Club's cost.]

Recipients of this prestigious award comprise

Appointed 2016-2017 Chris Faber
Appointed 2016-2017 John Martin
Appointed 2013-2014 Brett Handley
Appointed 2010-2011 Karen Davey
Appointed 2010-2011 Ken O'Dowd
Appointed 2009-2010 Ross Wilcock
Appointed 2008-2009 John Rodios
Appointed 2005-2006 Ivan Connors
Appointed 2004-2005 Colin Hodge (Deceased 20.01.2012)
Appointed 2002-2003 Grant Poole
Appointed 2002-2003 Peter Faber


Chris Faber
Life Member 2016-2017